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"Free at Last" - a spoken word piece about the fight for LGBT rights by Imani Rainbowstein, a law student at Wayne State University. She is amazing, and you should all share this.

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6 second blackout!

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any suggestions for keeping motivation to write? I love writing, but I hardly ever find the time, and when I do, I'm just not motivated to actually do it.

Set a goal for yourself. Maybe you want to write every day, or maybe at least once a week. Then schedule the time for it. If you want to write every day, give yourself a half hour where that is your only goal. If you are stuck on what to write, use one of the prompts posted here, or try free-writing for 10 minutes. And give yourself permission to write crap. You’re not going to publish every poem you write. But sometimes you need to work through all the crap to get to the really good stuff. And besides, when you look back on that crap poem in 6 months or a year or even 10 years, you might just find something there you can use. Something you wouldn’t have been able to see right away.